by Before The Foundation

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released December 15, 2012

Adrian Blackwell - Vocals/Lyrics
Lucas Cox - Guitar/Vocals
Adam Holmes - Guitar
Ben Nicholls - Bass
Tyre Outerbridge - Drums



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Before The Foundation Rochester, New York

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Track Name: Fearing What You've Come To Know
You're trapped in the fire. Confused and broken in a rage. You've corrupted your thoughts. You've perverted your faith. You can't live your life both ways, You're only caught in a fantasy. The views that posses your reality are the mere influence of humanity. You've turned your back on all sincerity. Just to live a life of false morality. Cause time after time you're caught in the world of another. And time after time you're feeling sorry for yourself. Oh...how much longer will you wait? How much longer will it take? So this is what you call glory. And this is what you call love. Break free from your hiding. Let's see what you're made of. Let go of your pain. I promise this won't hurt anymore. I'll keep your head up. You won't fall apart.
Track Name: Megalomania
I've lost all sanity believing in what I thought was right. What has become of me? Times run out. Just take back your life. I've put faith in false idols and designated life to the material. You tried (You tired) I lied (I lied). Denied your name. What have I don't to change myself? What are the steps I've taken to repair myself? Take this broken life and make me new. I've taken this whole time to see the truth. There's only so much I can take before I drive myself to the point of insanity. I've only built up these walls to hide the fact I'm denying actuality. There's only so much I can take come face to face with this reality. I can no longer deny your presence. Your immortality. I won't be make the same mistakes. I give myself to you. I give it all to you. Go! Give it up. Give it up now ....I've never felt more alive then I do now standing in this light. I will never deny your name. I will never deny your name again.
Track Name: Drifters
How could you stray from the road this time? Your hearts been filled with emptiness can't fill the void of loneliness. You've come to realize things are not what they seem. No one can hear the cries. You're stuck in this dream. Now you're placed on a different path. Stricken by fear, this is unclear. You let them pay for your mistakes but they were always there. But is it too late? We're losing ground. We have to find another way to escape this place. I'm splitting at my seams again. I've lost control of it all everything I had. I've lost all my integrity. Now I'm trying. Now I'm trying to find what is left. What is left of me. How can you live with the guilt? You threw it all away. What price did you pay? You're giving in, you're heads filled with doubt. This is it, let's put it all to rest everything that discouraged your faith. Take my hand and we'll achieve everything that it takes to make you believe. Rise as one, together we will stand.
Track Name: Hotel Carter
How does it feel now that your backs against the wall? How does it feel when you don't have anything left at all? Are you happy with the life you lead down the endless path of uncertainty? You've thrown all caution to the wind trading in your values to satisfy. To satisfy your every desire. Not knowing what to believe in all you know now is to run and hide. The story has changed. All along you played into their game. Perverted with their sin. How can you live in your skin? What do you have left? You threw it all away. How does it feel? How does it feel now that your backs against the wall. How does it feel? When you don't have anything left at all. They never were there for you. This always was there for you. So now that you know the truth and now that it's all on you. The choice was always in your hands. What will it take to give up your suffering? What will it take to give it up?
Track Name: Beacons
Tear me down. Destroy what I've built. Reassure me that this thing is real. I'm only asking for faith to be restored, In this dream I held in high regard. Hold on renew belief in me. Help me see what I need to achieve. Why am I wondering what lies ahead of me? I put my life in your hands. Now I question the plan. The fear of letting go. This pain I've never known. What is it they demand? Cause I don't know where I stand. Can you hear me? I'm crying out. Heal these wounds and show me a way. Can you hear me? I'm fading now. I never wanted to end up like this. It's tearing away at my heart (it's tearing away) the sense of doubt controls my fate as I fall apart. Listen to the words they say (that they say) I use to be so strong but now I'm drifting away. Restore my faith in this dream. Restore...